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The cure by Dr. F.X. Mayr

This cure is a diet in which problems with your digestive system are identified as the major reason of illness. With the Mayr cure you bring your digestion closer to its ideal condition. 

We offer you the Mayr cure 2.0. It contains, according to the instructions of our Mayr doctor Mrs. Kolwe, a more digestible version of the classic milk and bread diet. In this case milk and bread are substituted with rice, yoghurt, soja or almond milk. All according to the four pillars – rest, cleaning, training and substitution.  


Relieve your digestion with a special cure diet. Food is reduced under medical supervision. Heavy food such as fat dishes, sweets and alcohol are intentionally excluded. Your individual diet plan takes effect. The organism is cleansed. Your digestion can regenerate.


Metabolic residues, waste substances and acids are excreted out of your body. Via the kidneys, intestines, breathing and the skin. With the Dr. FX Mayr cure you bring your levels of acid and basis back into balance. This succeeds through an individual diet, trained eating habits, cleansing treatments, exercise and substitution therapy (infusions).


The training of eating habits is an important part of the FX Mayr cure. Optimal digestion begins in the mouth. Conscious, slow eating and proper chewing relieves the digestive system. Your ability to absorb nutrients is improved. The amount of food you eat reduces automatically. It can be trained to pay attention while you eat. Best eat in silence.


Substitution helps you to avoid malnutrition, which occurs often with our contemporary style of living. But bread and milk also is some kind of malnutrition. The supplementing of vitamins, mineral- and trace elements with additional preparations is a possibility. 

During your cure you will be advised by Mrs. Kolwe. She is a trained specialist for Mayr cure.

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