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Hiking in Beautyful Allgäu

If you are into hiking the Allgäu is the ideal spot for you!

The variety of signposted hiking tracks is as diverse as the landscape itself.
The mountain is calling – but forests, meadows, creeks and lakes as well!

On tour on the premium hiking treks

Three premium hiking treks in the Oberstaufen area impress with the tremendous nature of the Allgäu. While hiking along the trek “Wildes Wasser” you discover one of the last primeval forests in Germany and end at the Buchenegger waterfalls. The trek “Alpenfreiheit” is the highest rated premium hiking trek in Germany: a diverse landscape awaits you. And walking the “Luftiger Grat” brings you to the top of the mountains with a view over the Alps.

Trilogy of the Allgäuer landscape

Who doesn´t want to have the feeling of protected freedom? In Oberstaufen everyone is able to experience it. With the Alps and its midrange peaks of the Nagelfluhkette in the back you have a great view into the valley with its gentle hills. We give you many possibilities to enjoy the nature: From gentle walks to dynamic hikes or alpine mountain hikes with gear.

Winter hikes

Hiking is not only fun in summertime, in winter too! Kilometers of treks lead you through the winter-wonderland. The silence in the glittering white is just interrupted by your footsteps. 

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