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Bath of Venus …

… discover the true youth fountain and the source of sensual wellbeing of the old Romans.

Relax in an almost weightless state. A highly effective full body treatment plus cosy warmth, subdued light and moisturizing oils or cremes, herbs, moor mud, algae, flowers or leaves that work their magic on the skin.

That’s the best way to describe the waterbed Soft-Pack System by Haslauer.

You can make appointments directly with Mrs. Hartmann via phone +49 (0) 170 3208460 or by e-mail  wellness@johanneshof.com

Orange blossom bath € 29
Evening primrose cream bath € 35
Cleopatra bath (with milk, honey and selected oils) € 35
Hay bath (best hay from the Allgäu) € 35
Brine bath € 29
Thalasso-seaweed bath € 35
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