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“ Do good to your body…

… so that your soul wants to live in it”

Take a break and enjoy our pampering treatments. With a cosmetic facial- or body treatment you achieve relaxation of body, mind and soul which, in this case, comes from the outside. Try our beauty treatments with products from Klapp and Haslauer, selected according your needs and schedule by Mrs. Hartmann.

You can make appointments directly with Mrs. Hartmann via phone +49 (0) 170 3208460 or by e-mail 

Regeneration treatment

Outer skin cells will be removed gentle and precisely. The skin gets finer and remarkably more elastic, the depth of wrinkles reduced. The absorption of active substances is increased with the provided moisture mask. An additional hand massage supports the relaxation effect.

60 min € 65

Special facial treatment

Pamper yourself with a treatment which is individualized for your skin and meets your needs. Your skin will be freed from cornification and can breathe out. The aging of your skin will be slowed down and wrinkles smoothed with the special ingredients. 

75 min € 75

Man treatment

This treatment is a pure energy boost. After cleaning your skin with a foaming gel, the peeling crème will free your skin from cornification and impurities. Followed by a cleaning ritual with a relaxing facial massage and an intensive mask with anti aging effect.

60 min € 58

Fitness for your skin

This hydrocollagen treatment gives your skin the moisture and elasticity back. It contains a regenerating massage for your skin, shoulder and neck. Corresponding ideal with your Schroth cure or after outdoor sport.

60 min € 68

Johanneshof teaser treatment

Relax with a short break. This treatment contains a regenerating and pleasant massage of your neck- and shoulder area. Nutrient-containing serum gives back your face a lively and recovered look. For him or her.

45 min € 50

Further treatments:

Dye eyelashes € 10
Dye eyebrows € 8
Waxing upper lip € 8
Manicure € 35
Facial lymphatic drainage € 35
Head pressure massage with candle sticks € 35
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