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Wellness Massages

Unwind in the hands of Mrs. Hartmann…

You can make appointments directly with Mrs. Hartmann via phone +49 (0) 170 3208460 or by e-mail  wellness@johanneshof.com

Johanneshof vital massage

Caressed by selected scents, wrapped in smooth sounds, massaged by energetic hands … grant yourself a feeling that let the energies of body, mind and soul flow again.

60 min € 68

Ayurveda massage

Let yourself be carried away to this Asian care ceremonial. A full body massage with warm ayurvedic oils to stimulate your energy meridians. Experience your skin soft and smooth. Discover a new feeling with the scents of exotic oils. 

75 min € 85

Hot stone massage

Unveil a new dimension for your senses with hot stones. This treatment rite with slow movements of hot stones smoothes your skin. Feel the tranquilizing power of stones on your skin. 

60 min € 75

70 min € 85

as partial massage for your back 30 min € 35

Golf relax massage

A massage with a relaxing effect after sport and exercises. Soothing massage with Schüssler based oil and cream revitalizes you. A herbal foot bath completes the treatment.

60 min € 65,--

Velvet and silk

Relax! A full body massage with shea butter gives you a velvet skin feeling.

60 min € 65

Aroma fit massage “’Auszeit”

A short break with a massage of warm odorous oils. 

45 min € 50

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